Something Borrowed | Ep. 4 | Interview with Steven Packard, Groom To Be!

The one stop guide for the milennial bride ( or groom ;) )

Welcome back to this week's episode, episode 4 with a guest interview! Today we have Steven Packard (future groom to be) sharing his wedding planning experience thus far! I feel like this episode is super insightful and from a different perspective since this is a groom who is more involved than the bride in wedding planning. This episode was so fun to record and is definitely funny :)

Please be aware there is some minor profanity at the way end of the podcast (2 swear words within the last 4 minutes). I did not feel that it warranted being labeled as explicit, but please know they are there.

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If you enjoyed Steve and are interested in a fantasy football podcast - check his out at "Packards Approved Podcast" on Youtube

Hope you guys enjoyed today's show, and I will see you next "Wedding Wednesday" for episode 5!

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