frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a package?

Select your package via my “Purchase Packages” page and add it to your cart. A 50% deposit is required to book to purchase your package and book your 30 minute intro consultation session. Once you purchase your package and have paid the 50% deposit, I will contact you via the email you provided with a contract (within 48 hours). Please review and sign the contract, and return it to me. The remaining 50% final payment (plus any additional time or services purchased) is due within 48 hours after the completion of the consultation services. At any time, additional services from my a la carte menu can be added, and the cost will be added to your final invoice.

Is there any risk?

NO! I offer 100% money back guarentee. If you are not satisfied after your first 30 minute consultation session your 50% deposit will be returned back to you. I just need it in writing. If you decide you do not want to pursue my services, an updated void contract must be signed, and the 50% deposit will be returned back to you within 48 hours of signing the void contract. If you do not yet want to purchase a package, I offer a 100% FREE 15 minute consultation package. You can “add it to your cart” and “purchase it” (but it cost you $0!), and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

What if we go over the consultation hours included in my package?

Don’t worry! It only costs an extra $5 per every 30 minutes over your cumulative consultation Skype/Phone hours or $5 for every 30 minutes over the cumulative hours included in your package for me to research and prepare for calls/Skype. All minutes are recorded at the start and end of each call/Skype session, and all minutes are recorded at the start and end of my research/preparation time and provided to you via your final invoice.

WHY DO I need a wedding consultant?

Wedding planning can be SO overwhelming with our busy schedules. Work/school, chores, meal planning, working out - we have so much going on in our lives! Let me help you make sure you’re on the right track for your wedding. You can spend hours and hours getting lost in what steps you should be taking to plan your wedding, or you can schedule some 30 minute/hour sessions with me to get you on the right page, do some research for you, and offer helpful tips and tricks. Your life doesn’t pause because you are wedding planning, so let me help you plan your perfect day while you do everything else you need to do!

what’s the difference between a wedding consultant and wedding coordinator?

As a wedding consultant, I charge less since most of our sessions will take place via phone or Skype sessions (or Skype equivalent). I will help guide you and make sure you are on the right page at any step of the way you choose, but will not physically coordinate your wedding day of or leading up to it (i.e. I will not lay out your centerpieces or be there day of to fluff your dress). My services are 100% remote (unless you happen to be in my surrounding area and would like to meet up). I am here to offer help with more of the planning process, helping set deadlines to get tasks done by, offer help in researching vendors, compiling lists for DIY projects, and just offering general tips/advice - not to run the day of the wedding.

so what do i do as a wedding consultant?

I can do anything from helping you research vendors, to making a day of timeline, help you plan your budget, give you deadlines of when major checklist items should be done etc. Maybe you just need a overall “to-do” list, or maybe you need monthly check-ins to make sure you have everything going as planned. Whatever it may be, I am here for it.

what makes me qualified?

I plan on earning a professional wedding coordinator certification, and until then will be charging lower rates. I fully planned my own wedding and DIYed anything I could from my centerpieces to my flowers. I built a timeline template and excel spreadsheet to help coordinate my own wedding, which I have since shared with friends/family who are planning their weddings and they have found them very helpful. I love all things wedding and am very passionate about simplifying the process. I attended business school and hold a master’s degree giving me the business experience and professionalism needed to start my own services.

What service should I select?

All of my packages are customizeable with the option to add on more. If you want to first try a one-on-one consultation session with me before deciding what is right for you that is an option. I take clients who do not know where to begin in their wedding planning process to clients who have the majority planned but maybe just need help coming up with a timeline. I offer free consultation sessions which last about 15 minutes to help you determine what package you might want. Add my free 15 minute consultation to your cart today!

was your question not answered here? reach out to me directly via my “contact” link below and i will respond within 48 hours.