Wedding Planning Essentials

Wedding planning is stressful. Anyone who has planned or helped someone plan a wedding knows this. Below are some of my favorite things that helped make wedding planning easier (or more enjoyable). Hope some of them may help you! And stay tuned for my Full Wedding Planning Organization excel template, ready for personal use.



mine was by Erin Condren, but there are plenty out there and I have often seen them at TJ Maxx and similar stores as well as Target!

image1 (3).jpeg

An Engagement Mug

Let’s face it, once you get engaged you want everyone to know :) This mug just made me happier, I would drink some tea during planning and then get distracted by my new shiny ring. I got mine from TJ Maxx, but lots of stores carry them now.

image2 (2).jpeg


The BEST invention ever. I made all my wedding signs, addressed all my envelopes, made iron-on shirts for my bridesmaids and myself & husband for our honeymoon. This thing was a little pricey upfront, but was a great investment! I will definitely do a post about this great little machine in the near future so stay tuned!

Kyrsti Tam