Where to NOT Cut Costs for Your Wedding!

I tend to focus a lot on DIY, saving money, and cutting costs for your wedding. Today I decided to do something a little different and talk about areas where I personally feel you should NOT cut costs.

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

I know I know, weddings get SUPER expensive and you want to save money everywhere you can, right? Wrong. I personally think there are some areas you are wise to spend your money on.

  1. Photography/videography

    This one probably seems like a no-brainer, right? But you would be surprised how often people go the cheaper route because they still think they are going to get great quality. Can you get great quality for better costs, ABSOLUTELY. I am not saying there is anything wrong with a “cheaper” photgrapher or videographer. But, if you have a dream photographer or videographer and have a little extra room in your budget, I bet later on you would regret not going with the one of your dreams. I mean you only get one shot to capture the day (no pun intended…).

  2. Stamps.

    This is probably a personal opinion, but call me old fashioned. I am an old romantic at heart and personally think wedding invites should be sent in the mail, with a pre-stamped RSVP card. I have heard so many stories about people doing online RSVPs and not getting a lot of responses. But then there are situations where online RSVPs work great, but you need to know your guests. I knew a lot of my guests were older and preferred snail mail. I think there is just something so much more intimate about getting an invite in the physical mail box, versus your inbox.

  3. DJ

    There are 2 things people typically remember about weddings. The music/party and the food (we will get to this soon). The DJ can make or break a wedding (if you are throwing that type of wedding). Some people try to get by using a Spotify playlist or something similar. If you have it in your budget, hire even an up and coming local DJ. The DJ not only gets and keeps the party going, but they are also your MC. They keep the flow of the reception going by doing announcements and telling people where they need to be. I could not imagine our day without our fantastic DJ, and friends and family still talk about how much fun they had to this day.

  4. Food

    This topic is a little harder to talk about. Everyone has a venue budget and not everyone can drop 5k, 10k, 15k, etc. on a reception dinner. This does not mean that you still can’t get good quality food for in your budget. I have heard of people having Chick Fil A cater their wedding, and their food is DELICIOUS. Like I said above, there are two things your guests are most likely going to remember, and its the food and the music. Cut costs how you can but make sure you aren’t sacrificing some tasty nutrition for your guests (I mean they are spending hours of their day to be with you).

  5. Drinks

    Again I know this is a tough one, and I know across different countries or even regions in the world this can vary. But if you have it in your budget to even provide your guests 1 or 2 free drinks, do it. They will greatly appreciate it and it is a nice gesture for sure. I mean they are coming out to spend their time with you and are giving you a gift. There are ways to cut costs here, i.e. providing your own alcohol, bottom shelf liquor only, beer and wine only, etc. So I am not saying don’t go a cheaper route that is more budget friendly. I am just saying guests really appreciate if they get a drink or two without paying for it (and as a guest I GREATLY appreciate open bar if the bride and groom can afford it). You can cap your bar and turn to cash bar, provide drink tickets, or any variation of what i mentioned above to keep costs down, but don’t make your guests pay for 100% of your drinks if you can swing it. Maybe cut costs somewhere else if you have to.

Me, our wonderful DJ, DJ T REX, and my husband at the end of our night!

Me, our wonderful DJ, DJ T REX, and my husband at the end of our night!

Those are kind of my personal top 5 areas for where I feel costs should not be cut. At the end of the day it is your wedding and your choices. These are all my personal opinions coming from New England and how I grew up going to weddings. If you have different insight or areas you did not cut costs, please leave it down in the comments.

Until next time, xoxo,


Kyrsti Tam