I feel like I haven’t done a blog post in SO LONG and it is much overdue. I have definitely been neglecting my blog site, but BIG THINGS are coming guys! Today’s post is….you guessed it by the title…WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY KIT 101!


Let’s face it. Emergencies happen. The last time you want them to happen is on your wedding day! Be prepared for any situation that can arise. Who cares about being “extra” and overpacking - this is the one day you are allowed to do that!

From Walmart!

From Walmart!

See below for my wedding-day emergency kit necessities!

  1. Band aids

  2. Behind the heel shoe cushions

  3. Bobby pins

  4. Contacts/glasses/contact solution (if applicable)

  5. Clear nail polish (for panty hose rips)

  6. Chapstick

  7. Cough drops

  8. Deoderant

  9. Double sided bra tape

  10. Extra earring backs

  11. Extra underwear

  12. Gum

  13. Kleenex

  14. Lint roller

  15. Lipstick

  16. Makeup remover

  17. Mouth wash

  18. Nail file

  19. Nail trimmer

  20. Perfume

  21. Phone charger

  22. Safety pins

  23. Scissors

  24. Sewing Kit

  25. Superglue

  26. Tape

  27. Tide to go

  28. Tums/Pepto

  29. Tweezers

  30. Water

  31. White vinegar (for wine stains)

  32. Zip ties (for hanging last minute signs)


I highly suggest checking out the dollar store, I was able to get a lot of things on my list there! And did that for my bathroom baskets as well! Hopefully this was helpful and maybe had a suggestion you did not already think of! If you have anything else to add I didn’t include, please leave a comment below :)

Until next time, xoxo,


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Band aids:

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Cough drops:

Double sided bra tape:

Lint Roller:

Safety Pins:

Sewing Kit:

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