Photo credit: Lizz Riley, Glam Boudoir

Photo credit: Lizz Riley, Glam Boudoir

Boudoir shoots are becoming increasingly more popular. I personally had never heard of it until I was getting married. After learning about what it was, I kept toying with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot as a gift for my husband on our wedding day. I am the type of girl who is usually pretty comfortable with her body. Of course, like everyone else, I do have insecurities. I have days where I feel like a beached whale could wear it better, that no matter what angle I shoot from I can’t get a good selfie, or that I do not like what I see in the mirror. Then I have days where I am pretty confident in myself. That being said, I was quite skeptical of stripping down to my lingerie in front of a complete stranger to shoot pictures of me for an hour.

I was also worried about what the pictures were going to come out like. I was worried my insecurities would show through the photos, and that I would be spending this money to have it come out as a complete joke. That was so far from the case.

I highly recommend doing your research, as with anything else - but that is probably a no brainer. I found a local woman who shoots out of her house, and she had fantastic reviews so I gave her a call. Right off the bat I was at ease speaking to her. She seemed warm, friendly, and passionate about what she did over the phone. Her website gallery was beautiful, and I saw women of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds on her site, and they all looked amazing. I starting looking on Pinterest for poses and started to become obsessed with the idea of doing this shoot. I booked it, and did my shopping. I did not want anything too risquè, but I did want it to be sexy, yet sweet. I found 3 sets of outfits I loved and prepared for my shooting day. Not going to lie…I did definitely eat a lot cleaner the few days leading up to my shoot in order to not look bloated.

The beauty of a woman must be seen through her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides
— Audrey Hepburn

The day came and it was actually one of the best experiences I have had. It was pretty much also a gift to myself, because I spent the morning getting pampered. I had my hair and makeup professionally done while sipping mimosas. But then it was time to put on my first outfit. Now as mentioned I was already comfortable with my photographer, but the first few minutes felt a little awkward. After the initial awkwardness passed, I got more into it (the mimosas helped). Then my photographer showed me a photo on her camera screen, and I could not believe the woman in the image was me. I was stunned by how great it looked from the lighting to my outfit mixed with my professional hair and makeup. I started getting even more into the shots, and it definitely showed in the footage I got back.

Photo credit: Lizz Riley, Glam Boudoir

Photo credit: Lizz Riley, Glam Boudoir

When I got my pictures back, again I could not believe that it was me. I knew my husband was going to LOVE it. But also, I loved the images. It gave me more confidence in myself, and I felt great about it. I mean as women, how often do we get pampered and get professional photos of ourselves taken? Rarely. I am so glad that I did not chicken out and did this boudoir shoot. I even plan on having some shots print to canvas and hanging them in my closet. To anyone considering doing one, but the thing holding you back is fear or insecurities - I say go for it. I think you will be very pleased with the outcome!

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