DIY Centerpieces

Centerpieces honestly were my favorite part of planning the wedding. I know some people get centerpieces included with their venue, but I did not want that. I wanted to make sure we had a venue that allowed me the freedom to design and bring in my own centerpieces. I knew I wanted something cost effective and simple, but also very elegant. This is the finished product:

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

And guess what they cost? About $9 per table (not including flowers/greenery). I had 12 tables so a total of about $108 to do my own dream centerpieces. To me this was a no-brainer and worth every penny. Here is where I got my supplies (links included):

My advice to someone wanting to design their own centerpieces would be:
1. Do your cost research - how many tables are you going to have and how many pieces do you need? Does this fit into your budget?
2. Will you have the capacity to transport the centerpieces to your venue?
3. Will you have the capacity to set up the centerpieces to your liking prior to the day of your wedding? Or will you have someone to assist with set up day of so you do not need to worry about it? (I was able to get into my venue 2 days before to decorate).
4. Shop Facebook marketplace, Goodwill, Salvation Army etc. for used wedding decor or glassware you can use for your wedding to save money
5. Michael’s, JoAnne’s, and Hobby Lobby all always have great coupons if you need certain pieces from those types of stores, always google search the coupons!
6. I got a lot of decor from Amazon while Discover was doing a 5% cashback promotion, so I got cash back for every $1 I spent on wedding decor. The cash back adds up
7. Practice with an in-home test run with your centerpieces before you decided to buy the pieces for every table
And most of all have fun! If you are like me then planning the decor is your favorite part - so enjoy it :)



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