During the wedding planning process I quickly learned that everything with the word “wedding” attached to it increased the price by at least 100% (if you’re lucky!). The same goes for flowers. Prom flowers: $50, get-well flowers: $50, wedding bridal bouquet….$400?! For ONE BOUQUET?! That is going to die if not properly preserved? No thank you.

Why is there such a price increase for the same product just because the word “wedding” is attached? After seeing some quotes from florists, my husband and I decided to spend our money elsewhere, and I chose to DIY my flowers from Sam’s Club. We saved fortunessss.

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 I did extensive research about taking on the duty of prepping and assembling all my centerpieces and bridesmaid’s bouquets prior to placing my order. I have little to no experience with flowers and have not ever done any floral arrangements. As mentioned I ordered from Sam’s Club online (you can order even if you are not a member). You can also order from other vendors such as Costco,, or other sites. I do not personally have any experience with these, as I only used Sam’s Club.

I researched what type of flowers I would want, how many flowers should go into a standard bouquet, designed a mock centerpiece with a bouquet from Trader Joe’s, and took into account any other floral/greenery arrangements needed. I kept an excel spreadsheet of the quantities of flowers I would need. I also determined some materials I would need for prepping, but I will get to that later. What I found is simple = better.

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

Photo credit: Derek Halkett

Sams Club recommends getting your order 2 days before the event, and I found you could place your order up to a month out from the event. I placed my $300 order in the beginning of September for delivery 2 days before my October 5th wedding, and crossed my fingers. This is what I ordered:


They all arrived on October 3rd as scheduled, wrapped immaculately and undamaged. All the roses were BEAUTIFUL. I followed the instructions to hydrate the roses before prepping them, and then the work began. I recruited the help of my grandma and aunt, and we de-thorned and de-leafed all the roses before arranging them. This took about 2 hours for the 225 roses with 3 people.

After the roses were prepped, we trimmed the greenery and baby’s breath so they could hydrate as well. And I assembled my bouquets, rubber banded them together, and left them in vases in the fridge overnight. It is very important to regulate the temperature of your flowers, or they may open too much. We also prepped all the center pieces and arranged them in the vases with water, and stuck them in a plastic container for transportation.


 The morning before the rehearsal dinner, I tied ribbon on the bridesmaid’s bouquets and put them back in their vases to transport them to my venue. We also put out all the centerpieces and remaining greenery. Overall all of the flowers were beautiful, and people thought they were from a professional florist. I am extremely happy with my decision to DIY my own flowers, and highly recommend it to future brides. If you have a couple of helping hands, and the proper equipment, you can make beautiful arrangements for fractions of the cost. See below for a list of the tools we needed.

Tools needed:

  • Rose dethorner*

  • Floral clippers (1 for each helper)**

  • Scissors

  • Plastic bags for the mess

  • LOTS of buckets for hydrating***

  • Rubber bands

  • Floral Tape

    *Purchased on Amazon for 6.99
    **Purchased at Hobby Lobby, 2/$5
    ***Purchased at Dollar Tree (I got 12 buckets)

If you are thinking about taking on doing your own flowers - go for it! I wish you the best of luck :)

Kyrsti Tam