Hi! My name is Kyrsti, and I love all things WEDDING! I am recently married (October 5th, 2018!). I was working full time as a tax accountant in public accounting while planning my dream wedding. Like most brides-to-be experience, my now-husband was about as useful as an elephant on a mine field during the planning process. Knowing this going in and being the type A person I am, I decided to plan my dream wedding on my own, within a year time frame while sticking to a budget. My wedding was the best day of my life!

The wedding industry has changed drastically from when my grandparents and parents got married, so why would I have planned my wedding like it was the 70’s? My hope is to give you tips and tricks for making your planning process less stressful, help you save some money along the way, and help you plan your DREAM wedding. You CAN have your Pinterest-perfect wedding without wanting to pull your hair out or blowing your budget!

I hope you enjoy my posts and maybe take something away that can help you or a friend with the wedding planning process :)



Photo Credit: Derek Halkett

Photo Credit: Derek Halkett