Hi! My name is Kyrsti, and I am 27! I am recently married (October 5th, 2018!). My husband and I just bought a house in CT and live with our 2 cats and 1 african gray parrot. We loveee to travel all over the world and I love to plan out our trips myself and refuse to use a travel agent. I love DIY projects, and DIYed essentially our whole wedding (tips for DIYing your wedding can be found on my wedding blog).

I am super organized and love giving advice for cleaning/organization. I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed interior designer and love home decor.

I am just your average 20-something year old girl, trying to work full time, eat healthy, workout, take care of my house, and have a life! Hopefully my posts can help give you some tips for some more efficient ways to live your life, and help you feel like you have your s**t together - that is the whole point of my blog.

I hope you enjoy my posts and maybe take something away that can help you in your everyday life.



Photo Credit: Derek Halkett

Photo Credit: Derek Halkett