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my name is kyrsti and I am 27. I am a wife, a mom to 2 cats & a parrot, a homeowner and DIY decorator, a CPA, and an aspiring blogger. I am a spin enthusiast and love to travel. My dream is to become a professional organizer and help people de-clutter their houses one step at a time, but in the meantime I will be sipping on my pinot noir, sharing my ideas here :)

let’s face it, the world that we live in run by instagram posts, tweets, snapchat stories, and everything in-between gives us a false sense of reality. this world run by social media makes “adulting” seem more glamorous than it actually is or ever could be. even in our own personal lives, we all have those friends who have a social media feed that instantaneously gives us fomo, even when we know what they post is only what they want us to see and is far from their actual imperfect life. these posts make us feel like we have to lead perfect, lavish lives filled with extended vacations, daily spin classes followed by yoga and meditation, have designer clothes and cars, and sip on macha lattes while sitting beach side. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. even the rich and famous don’t live life like this on a daily basis. but even though lives like this are not reality, we still want to appear like we have a glamorous life, right? but we also want to actually have it all together. so i am here to give you tips and tricks for making it look like you have your shit together, even if you eat popcorn and wine for dinner on a weekly basis (because who has time to work their 9-5, workout, meal prep, eat healthy, and have an actual “life”…amirite?!). so grab your popcorn and favorite vino, and let me share some of my favorite “make life easier” tips with you.


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