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online wedding consulting services coming soon!



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what to expect…

My dream is to help people plan and coordinate their wedding, but not necessarily as a wedding coordinator by the tradtional sense. I just would really love to help give guidance on steps you should be taking to plan your dream day, fully knowing YOU have the power to plan it! I am currently working on starting up online wedding consulting services as someone you can turn to when you do not know where to being. MORE INFO COMING SOON!!


About me

My name is kyrsti and I am 27. I am a wife, a mom to 2 cats & a parrot, a homeowner and DIY decorator, a CPA, and an aspiring wedding consultant. I planned my own wedding, and DIYed whatever I could, plus I love all things wedding!

When I am not obsessing over weddings, I am a spin enthusiast and love to travel. My dream that I am working towards is becoming an online professional wedding consultant, but in the meantime I will be sipping on my pinot noir, sharing my ideas here :)

*See “ABOUT KYRSTI” for more info on me!


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